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Comics: No kidding

Guest blogger and journalist Jehan Mohd contemplates a misunderstood genre of literary delights   My love affair with comics began at a tender age — so young that I cannot recall exactly when I picked up my first comic book.  I do, however, remember what it started with — Archie Comics .   Archie Comics played a strong role in my growing up years and continue to be a dear friend.   My two elder sisters were also fans of the series and a trip to the bookshop or a book fair would usually include the purchase of a comic book (or two, or three). I also read other comic titles such as Bananaman , Garfield , Asterix , Tintin , Beano — later Calvin and Hobbes , which also became a firm favourite — and whatever comic strips were in the newspapers but I still ended up going back to Archie at the end of the day. As an adult, however, the affair with the comic book world became more of a guilty pleasure because, after all, “it’s kiddie stuff”. Like many others

Life is like this in Sri Lanka

I am posting more pictures of my trip to Sri Lanka as promised. Enjoy! The Red Mosque, Pettah, Colombo. One of the entrances to the Red Mosque. A petrol station in Colombo. The homeless in Colombo. Sri Lanka is a paradise for those who love gems. I love the strong aura of the past in this part of Colombo. See pictures below. I was curious about the Malays in Sri Lanka. Click here . A market on Malay Street. A Sri Lankan Malay with his son. You can find nice cotton materials in Colombo. Historic buildings , such as this one, will appeal to those who study the past. Young women in uniform. I don't know if they are policewomen. A kiosk that sells lottery tickets. A tea plantation in Nuwara Eliya . Click here for more on the tea industry. Tea and cake. It was the perfect ending to the perfect stay in Nuwara Eliya.