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Night of movie stars

Parties of the music-food-and-drink type are boring. A theme brings in originality to a party and offers a new experience for the participants besides creating lasting memories.  Five days after the NST (New Straits Times) Annual Awards Night, employees are still talking about the party. The theme was Movie Mania and many went to great lengths to dress up as their favourite movie characters. Three strong women journalists came dressed as Cleopatra; it was the moment to bring out their inner diva qualities. Others came as Darth Vader, The Thing and Shrek, among others. The seemingly harmless and quiet Ahmad Kushairi let his proverbial hair down and channelled the ghost of P. Ramlee's Abdul Wahub from the famous Malay movie Tiga Abdul.                   HOLLYWOOD MEETS MOLLYWOOD : Cleopatra (Chok Suat Ling) and Abdul Wahub (Ahmad Kushairi) strut their stuff. EGYPTIAN QUEEN MEETS GOTH MAMA : Theresa Manavalan sports another version of Cleopatra while Rozana Sani admits to bein

Guest Post: May your kids treat you the same

The sight of a poor abandoned dog she calls Scruffy gets guest blogger JEHAN MOHD all worked up and wishing divine justice for his heartless owners. Here is her plea. Scruffy trying to hydrate himself from a small  puddle of water outside Jehan Mohd's house. FOR the past several weeks, whenever a car pulls up in front of my terraced house or that of the opposite neighbour's, a scruffy lanky brown dog would come running out of nowhere to greet the occupants — whether he’s welcome to do so or not. More a nuisance than a delight to the residents here, the mongrel seems to have taken a liking to our little area — never mind the fact that he’s often shooed away — and he guards his territory like the loyal pet he used to be. His collar — once a proud symbol of belonging — is now a sad reminder of how easily pets like him can be discarded. While I'm very upset that he runs loose outside and tries to enter our compounds once in a while, the real culprits in this situation

Memories of the night

I have been fortunate enough to visit Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan twice -- the first time was in 2007 and the second two years later. It is a people-friendly city in every aspect. I am particularly impressed with its public transport. Night-time in Fukuoka City  was my brief experience of the city last year. Related links: Wikipedia  Missing link in public transport